Vintage. The possibilities are endless.

We take old and unwanted items and make them beautiful again. You can find treasures, collectibles, antiques, and re-purposed items sprinkled throughout the store as well as in our dittover section. 

We are inspired from the items donated to point our customers in the direction of incorporating the on-trend style of mixing new, rustic, painted, and re-purposed items into your home or workplace decor.
- Sally, Kerri, Barb

Remember the saying “oldie but a goodie?" At ditto, that rings true every day. Bring in that groovy, vintage record player in the attic no one knew what to do with or an old typewriter collecting dust in the basement. Perhaps it’s a really special desk or bureau with a unique, art deco spin to it. When you find that super special item and don’t know what to do with it, don’t throw it away. Donate it to ditto.

With dittover re-purposed items, we restore beauty and value to historical treasures for new generations to enjoy and collect. 

Because we receive so many unique items, it is a great idea to visit ditto on a regular basis to search for treasures that may interest you.