How we're working to keep you safe:

Please note that we request a few things of you to help us stay safely open:

that you wear a mask while in our store

that you do your best to maintain a 6-foot distance from others

 that you keep your children (14 and under) with you at all times

 that you stay home if you are sick or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (shortness of breath, cough, fever)

Just a few more things...

You always have the option of buying items you see online over the phone during our regular business hours, and picking them up at a later time. Just remember, we do not accept returns, so you will need to be certain of your purchase! 

Our staff will be wearing face masks, social distancing whenever possible, and will serve you behind Plexiglas at the counters.

You will be able to bag or wrap your own items before you leave the store.

Hand sanitizing stations are available upon entry and exit to the store.

Designated teams will be cleaning and sanitizing the store before opening and throughout the day. Special attention is paid to sanitizing high touch areas including door knobs, counters, carts, credit card machines, and more.

We are not accepting any returns, with the one exception of non-working electronics/appliances returned with a receipt within 7 days of purchase. These returned goods will be quarantined before they are restocked. 

Thanks for your continued support! Happy shopping: we have a lot of fun finds waiting for you!

Your ditto Family

Store Hours:

Monday-Friday: 10am-6:30pm Saturday: 10am-6pm

Yesterday’s treasures bringing the Light for brighter tomorrows.

ditto upscale resale partners with members of the Holland and Zeeland communities who give their time, money, and resources to offer the hope of Christian education to every child. Through upscale furniture, clothing, and household items, ditto donates 100% of our proceeds to tuition grants for children to attend Holland Christian School and Zeeland Christian School.

Special thanks to students, James Oosterhouse and Noah Tinholt, for creating this Ditto promotional video.


We believe all we are and have is the result of God’s love. So whether it’s through time, money or gently used items, we invite people to share that love by investing in the lives of children.


We value our customers by providing a warm and inviting shopping experience where you can purchase high-quality and high-fashion items at affordable prices.

Christian Education

Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian are passionately committed to the growth of each student’s faith in Jesus Christ and to the development of their talents for God’s glory.

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How does ditto work?

  • Community Donations

    Ditto accepts gently used items during regular business hours.

  • Community Support

    Local patrons invest in ditto by purchasing products, donating time, and resources. 

  • Volunteer Stocking & Sales

    Ditto is run 97% by local volunteers.

  • Tuition Grants for Children

    100% of business proceeds help children attend Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian Schools.

Ditto could not exist without our community’s care, efforts and resources.
Each time you give to our mission, you change the life of a child.
Thank you for all the ways you give.